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Why you should travel with your significant other now!


My boyfriend and I share a love for travel. We began traveling together about a year into our relationship. We took several day trips to other cities and towns near us and a short camping trip with friends, but we were both wanting to take a big trip! In the summer of 2015 we decided to drive from Kansas (where we live) up through Yellow Stone and to Seattle, then down the coast of Oregon and California then back to Kansas stopping at the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and finally a film festive in Telluride, Colorado.

We camped 20 of the 25 days we were gone, and it snowed about 7 of the days we camped.. Not only was it freezing it was also very stressful.

Carter and I learned a lot about each other on that trip, and we have decided that we are perfect travel companions. After that trip we have also traveled to New York City, Las Vegas (again), Telluride (again), and Kansas City several times! I am so grateful to have someone I can trust to be not only my life partner, but also my travel partner.

So, now into why YOU should travel with your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife!

You learn about their dedication 

Travel is expensive. It takes time and dedication to plan and save for a trip (even a weekend trip). You have to compare hotel prices, research camp sites and figure out what you want to do! When planning a trip make sure both of you are happy with how the plans are going AND comfortable with how much the trip costs. I think this can show you what your interests are and how compatible you really are. Those Cosmo test might have been very wrong EEK!

If one or the other person takes on all or too much of the responsibility for the trip things could go wrong. Carter and I split everything 50/50, travel and relationship wise, but that is not the same for every couple. If one person in the relationship makes more/ all the money that’s OK! Just make sure both people have a say in the trip. You should both be involved in the planning! It is a fun bonding experience that every couple should have.


You learn how you and your partner react to stress

Delayed flights, snowed out camps, nothing to eat, NO RESTROOMS!

These are just a few of the stressful things that have happened to us while traveling.

We learned a lot about each other in these situations. I think the greatest lesson Carter learned was that when I have to pee.. he better find a restroom FAST! (tmi)

These situations are real life things that you might have never encountered in your relationship. Sometimes it is easy to fall into a routine at home, and this can apply in your relationship as well.

Being stressed out is okay! Learning how to work things out as a team is very important every relationship.


You’ll learn about new things you love.. together

I never thought I would love camping as much I do, and I never thought Carter would think some museums were so stunning. We have both uncovered a love for hiking and it is something we will always enjoy together.

We also both became major vegan foodies through out trips and are still on the search for the best vegan donuts in the country! (Dun Well Donuts in Brooklyn, NY are currently in the lead!)IMG_5826DSC_0762

You learn how to compromise 

Maybe your idea of a dream vacation is a beach resort, but your boyfriend thinks a week long trek through the forest sounds awesome. Find something in between that you will both enjoy, but also do not say NO to their ideas because you may end up loving something you thought you never would! Cart and I both love the outdoors and the city, so we have never really had this problem, but there are also so many compromises you make on your trip as well (where to eat dinner, what route to drive, ect.)

The idea of a vacation/trip is for you both to have fun and spend quality time together, so always make sure you are both happy with your final trip plans.


You make memories that last a lifetime

Traveling is an amazing experience. Embrace it and take time to reflect on where you have been and where you are going. Going somewhere you have never been with someone you love makes it even more amazing. You can be in awe of the Grand Canyon together, you can sleep in a tent on the side of the highway together and you can enjoy a Broadway show together.

These are memories you will never forget, and they will always be something you can look back on when times get tough.


So get out there! See the world with someone you love.

“Travel.. the best way to be lost.. and found… all at the same time” -Brenna Smith