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50 things to get rid of this weekend (dabbling in minimalism)

I have started to dabble in minimalism for about a month now. Carter and I are planning a big move this year, and it is time for us to get rid of some of our “junk”. We all have junk. Stuff we don’t use. Books we never read. Clothes that don’t fit or are out of “style”. We have gotten rid of SO MUCH stuff this past month and honestly it feels amazing! Our house is more organized and easier to keep clean. Bonus- I’ve been able to sell quite a few items!

So into the list! Use this list on a rainy or snowy weekend or just when you feel overcome with stuff.

I would also recommend to sort items into “trash”, “donate” or “sell” as you go to make it easier when you are ready to get that junk out of your house!

  1. Broken Computers
  2. Old Cell Phones
  3. Clothes with holes
  4. Used candles (why did I have so many of these?!)
  5. Expired spices
  6. Expired freezer items
  7. Shoes with holes (I’m still hanging on to a few- I have a shoe problem)
  8. Books that you will never read again
  9. Games/cards with missing items
  10. Multiples of kitchen utensils (I had 4 colanders…)
  11. Expired lotions
  12. Lotions you don’t like
  13. Old gift wrap
  14. Broken/unused game systems
  15. Movies you don’t watch (or are on Netflix)
  16. Socks without matches
  17. Clothes that do not fit
  18. Old dog leases
  19. Old dog toys
  20. Throw pillows
  21. School papers from last semester
  22. Expired make up
  23. Make up you don’t use
  24. Prom Dress/Wedding Dress
  25. Excessive mugs or cups
  26. Chipped dishes
  27. Tangled Jewelry
  28. Broken headphones
  29. Gift Cards you will never use
  30. Receipts
  31. Cook books you don’t like/use
  32. Stained/warped Tupperware
  33.  Toxic cleaning products
  34. Microwaves
  35. Non-sentimental memorabilia
  36. Old movie/ event tickets
  37. Outgrown kids clothes
  38. Video games you don’t play
  39. Half-finished DIY projects
  40. “Gross” kitchen towels
  41. Multiples of tools/ don’t use
  42. Plastic grocery bags
  43. Sports equipment
  44. Flashlights
  45. Dingy camping equipment
  46. Expired tea
  47. Magazines
  48. Key chains
  49. Toxic bug spray/ sun screen
  50. Old glasses

Well that is everything! I hope this list helps for any of you are trying to de-clutter or live a more minimalist lifestyle! I would love to do more post like these in the future. Comment what type of minimalist post you would like 🙂 I am working on a post about a capsule work wardrobe!


Thanks for reading! Have a great day!