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How to order vegan at EVERY coffee shop!

Two main things happen when you go vegan…

  1. total strangers suddenly become VERY concerned with how much protein you are getting, and
  2.   you have no idea what to order at Starbucks besides black coffee?!?!?

But, have no fear I have the answer to one of those problems..

Eating out can be one of the worst parts about being vegan, especially if you do not live in LA or NYC..

This will be the first post in a series of posts titled “Surviving the Meal (vegan food & social life)”  or something like that. This first post will be concerning coffee shops.

I used to be OBSESSED with caramel macchiatos. Hot, iced, through a feeding tube.. whatever works. This was great when I was a vegetarian, but once I learned about the dairy industry and what is really in milk.. I could never drink one of those again.

I have seen several ‘vegan Starbucks guides’, but I know that not everyone lives near a Starbucks, or wants to go to one. I personally love local coffee shops, so this guide should help you order at ANY coffee shop you go to!

Step 1- choose a drink

latte, americano, espresso, cappuccino, flat white, black, blended, ect.

Just pick your favorite and veganize it!  Here’s how..


Step 2- milk swap

Most coffee shops have a dairy free alternative to milk. I prefer soy in lattes because it foams the best, but almond or other nut milks work too!

Note: there might be an extra charge, but it is worth not causing suffering to animals or your body!


Step 3- check the syrup

Most syrups are vegan, but some sauces are not. According to PETA the mocha sauce at Starbucks is vegan (and at a place I used to work the dark chocolate sauce was vegan, but the light one was not!)

DO NOT BE SCARED TO ASK! Asking questions is so important as a vegan, but we will talk about that in another post!I

When I first went vegan I used to tell baristas I want lactose intolerant, because I was nervous about saying I was vegan.. now I shout if from the rooftops!

Step 4- hold the whip 

I have really never had to ask this, I think people assume that if you are getting non-dairy milk then you are probably not going to want dairy whip cream. It never hurts to ask though!


Step 5- blended drinks 

According to PETA frappuccinos can be made vegan with soy milk. If you are not at Starbucks make sure you ask what is in their frapps. A lot of places use a dry milk in their blended drinks. These can usually not be made vegan, but no sweat just go with an iced drink!

Step 6- 

Enjoy your drink!

Once you get the hang of ordering vegan it becomes natural. I honestly love lattes with non-dairy milk. Here are a few drink combo ideas you might like!

-soy vanilla latte

-flat white with soy

– americano with a splash of almond milk

-black coffee with cashew milk

-cold brew with soy

-french press black

-cappuccino with soy

I hope this post helps out, and never miss out on your morning coffee again!

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy coffee and that’s pretty close

-She Eats Plants & Sweets